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Faculty of Education Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University

The Faculty Faculty of Education was originated from the  Educational Field of the Female Teacher Training School, Nakhon Pathom

The Female Teacher Training School was established in 1936 offering a teacher's certificate program. In 1939 the School Started

accepting male students for enrollment. Later in 1968, the School was then renamed Teacher Training School, Nakhon Pathom

In 1970, the School became Teacher Training College, Nakhon Pathom with the expansion of teaching programs for the Higher

Certificate of Education. The Educational Field of Study was then renamed Department of Education in 1975.

In 1990, the Rajabhat Institute Law enhanced the status of the College to Rajabhat lnstitute, Nakhon Pathom. At the same time, the Department of Education was elevated into the Faculty of Education with responsibility of educating and developing teachers and teaching personnel.

In 2004, the Rajabhat University Law further enhanced the status of Rajabhat Institute to Rajabhat University Nakhon Pathom

The Faculty of Education is responsible for providing a Bachelor of Education (B.ED.) consisting of five-year programs.

Five-year programs are offered in three fields of study

- Physical Education

- Early Childhood Education

- Primary Education

Four-year programs are offered in the field of

 - Educational Technology and Innovation

          The Faculty’s Graduate School focuses on educational research to develop education training in all aspects. The School conducts both research based on theories and field works so that the research results would be applicable to actual teaching circumstances. The School provides a Master of Education (M.Ed.) specializing in

                - Curriculum and Teaching

                - Educational Management

and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) specializing in Educational Management

                The School also offers Teachers Certificate upon request from educational institutes as approved by the Teachers’ Council of Thailand.